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The Secret of the Owner-Builder

The majority of people hire a general contractor to construct their home. It usually appears to be the simple, “safe” option… but it isn’t. Just ask anyone who has worked with a general contractor about their experience. People are let down by their home builder nine times out of ten. They end up with a house that lacks the look they desired, is over budget, and was completed late.

Utilizing general contractor is not the only option. And… Surprisingly, no extensive education, degrees, or construction experience is required. Anyone has access to it. A way to ensure you get exactly the home you want while also saving thousands of dollars.

The phrase “Owner-Builder” has been popularized, and it simply means to be your own general contractor. This may appear to be a daunting task at first. You almost certainly have no knowledge of architecture or design. Perhaps you’ve never handled a hammer before. It makes no difference. How is it possible that you don’t need to understand any of this?

To comprehend whether you could get to be your own “Owner Builder,” you must first fully understand what a general contractor does. They supervise, manage, and inspect. That concludes it. A general contractor does not perform the work themselves; instead, they subcontract all of the tasks to other firms. A general contractor’s job is to ensure that people would show up and that their work is up to par. And… who knows your expectations better than you?

Even the finest general contractor in the planet will never fully grasp your needs. This is your chance to join the exclusive community of “Owner Builders,” the best way to get the perfect house while saving thousands of dollars in the process.

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